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Myanmar meals are centred on rice with accompanying dishes of
a curry, a soup and one or two side dishes. The planning of the
whole meal is important, for one dish must complement the other.
The tastes of salty, spicy, hot, sweet, bitter, astringent, sour,
savoury and creamy must each balance the other. Nan San San
Aye’s specialty in her book is not only to give recipes but also to
suggest the menus that incorporate this delicate balancing act.
The dishes in her book are mostly what a Myanmar
family might eat every day of their lives. For the special occasions
of offering food to monks and maybe a hundred guests, the menu
would be different.
Myanmar recipes are not about exact measurements and
timed cooking so do not be alarmed to come across such terms as
‘a small lump’ or ‘a tiny bit.’ The amount of ingredients can be
varied according to your taste, especially with regard to the
number of green or dry red chillies. The recipes are about
discovery and insight, so do not hesitate to experiment and replace
The most important ingredients of Myanmar cooking are
given below. All recipes serve four unless specified otherwise.

  • စာအုပ်
  • ခရီးသွားခြင်းနှင့် အစားအစာ
  • မြန်မာ
ဝန်ဆောင်မှုအစီအစဉ်(ဖတ်သည်။ 1613 စာအုပ်များ)
ဝယ်ယူသည်။ 500 KS
ငှားရမ်းသည်။48 နာရီအတွက် 100 KS

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